Welcome to C.F. Counseling Connections

Our practice was founded to help individuals and families more effectively manage interpersonal relationships. We offer a strengths-based approach which seeks to bring out the best in the individuals and families that we serve. We provide individual, family and group therapy, social skills groups, parenting support, and behavior consulting. Our services are community based and take place in our client’s homes, schools and other community settings.

C.F. Counseling Connections serves clients in Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County and Chester County, Pennsylvania. We specialize in working with children, adolescents, young adults, and their families with the following concerns:

• Autism spectrum disorders


• Bipolar disorder

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Anger

• Low self-esteem

• Social skills deficiencies

• Sensory needs

• Oppositional behaviors

• Difficulty in school

• Grief and loss

• Trauma

• Divorce

• Self-injurious behavior